The Trust

What is a Trust School?

Trust Schools are maintained schools supported by a charitable foundation. Crosby High School is part of the Crosby Cooperative Learning Trust (CCLT)

The partners of CCLT are Hugh Baird College, Liverpool John Moores University, The Co-operative movement, Everton in the Community and Sefton Council. Each partner has a representative who is a member of the Trust Board

Acquiring Trust status is helping our  school  build long term, sustainable relationships with partners and, using their experience and expertise, we can strengthen leadership and governance to help raise standards. Any maintained school can choose to become a Trust school and the decision to adopt Trust status is taken by the Governing Body.

What is a Co-operative Trust School?

The Co-operative College adapted the Trust model to embed Co-operative values and principles into schools and provide mechanisms to directly involve key stakeholders, parents/carers, learners, and the local community in the governance of the Trust through a members’ forum. The Forum plays an important role in delivering the Trust’s objectives.

What are the Co-operative Trust values and principles?

Membership to the Co-operative is open to everyone as long as they share the Co-operative values and principles which include:

  •  Self-help: we help people to help themselves.
  •  Self-responsibility: we take responsibility for, and answer to our actions
  • Democracy: we give our members a say in the way we run our businesses.
  •  Equality: no matter how much money a member invests in their share account, they still have one vote.
  •  Equity: we carry our business in a way that is fair and unbiased.
  •  Solidarity: we share interests and common purposes with our members and other co-operatives.


Some frequently asked questions

Do the governing body and head teacher have less control in running the school?

There is no reduction in the role and responsibilities of the governing body of Trust schools and the head teacher still retains the responsibility for the day-to-day running of the school.

Does theTrust status mean that Crosby High has become selective?

Crosby High have set our own admissions arrangements as a Foundation Trust school and will continue to act in accordance with the School Admissions Code. We are not allowed to introduce selection by ability and will continue to play our full part in taking pupils with learning difficulties and complex special needs.

Does this make a difference to the schools funding? 

Crosby High will still continue to receive funding from the local authority on the same basis as other local schools – and funding will be delegated to the Governing Body, not the Trust. There will be no additional funding from the local authority on the basis that a school is a Trust school and there is no expectation that the Trust will provide the school with additional funding.

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