Extended School

At Crosby High School we firmly believe in the need for leisure opportunities for our pupils and we try to support this through lunchtime clubs, curriculum enrichment opportunities and also a range of after school clubs.  We also understand that transport is often a barrier for people and therefore we try to address this need by offering provision here on our premises.  

Lunchtime clubs are;


  • Boy’s football
  • Girl’s football
  • Library
  • Year 11 common room
  • ICT club
  • Homework club
  • Signing Choir

After School clubs are;

  • Wednesday

“Arrivals group.” This club is facilitated by the Well Young People’s Project. This is a referral only group.

  • Friday (once a month)

We have the “Buddy Up” social group. This club aims to introduce young people both with and without special needs to each other and encourages natural friendships to form. 

All of our after school clubs are very successful and we would really like it if more pupils got involved, so they too could enjoy what Crosby High School has to offer.

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