Crosby High School

Lent 2023

Throughout Lent, students have been learning about the importance of thinking of others. The students decided that they wanted to raise money for UNICEF (our whole school charity) so that they can help children who have suffered as a result of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. All of the students have contributed to this, We have Easter baskets with sweets in for sale, bookmarks with crosses on (handsewn by students) laminated bookmarks, handmade notebooks/sketchbooks. we also have loom bands! We will also have "Guess how many mini-eggs are in the jar" and "Name the Rabbit". These sales/competitions will take place every breaktime next week. If you can spare any loose change etc, please can you send some change in with your young people! Prices are reasonable and range from 20p to 50p. Thank you!