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  • Minibus Minibus

    We have started our new term with a fantastic present to us all, our new minibus has arrived!. The whole school went out to greet the bus as we gave her a heroes welcome!! One of our wheelchair users, Kyle, had the honour of cutting the ribbon for the bus to enter our grounds. Already classes with pupils in wheelchairs have used the bus this week so for the first time a whole class can be together as opposed to the wheelchair user being transported separately in a taxi. What a difference this will make for our children. Thank you all once again for your support with the fundraising for this bus.

  • Parents Meal

    Year 7 parent meal

    On Wednesday seventeen Mum’s, Dads, Grandparents, Aunties and Uncle’s came and
    joined pupils from Year 7 for lunch. The lunch was roast gammon and all the trimmings,
    plus apple crumble and custard. After wards the parents joined the Year 7 team for
    tea and coffee.

    We had some lovely comment left in our visitor’s book.
    “Thank you for a lovely lunch, the school has a lovely feel and the children and staff are
    amazing. My nephew Williams loves the school and it is wonderful to see him fulfilling
    his potential with the help from his school. Thank you Auntie Trish”

    “Thank you so much for inviting me and Aunty Barbara for lunch. It was so lovely to see
    Luke in the dinner hall. The school and staff are amazing, always going above and
    beyond. Thank you Mrs Doran”

    IMG 8931

    “Think this was a wonderful idea to see the teacher and spend time with the children”

  • Year 8
    Year 8 have 

    investigated the coastline of Crosby and Formby and collaborated in small groups to create art work using natural resources.

     We have had a guided tour of part of the Formby coast line which included seeing the remains of the first every life boat station which was built in the 1700’s.


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It was lovely spending time with all the children and teachers and the other parents. The crumble was very good!

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