Crosby High School

Responsibility, Respect, Empathy, Trust, Kindness

About Us

Welcome to Crosby High School

Crosby High School is a Local Authority specialist secondary school for pupils with SEND, aged 11-16.  We are located in Crosby and have close links with our local community.  At Crosby High School, we believe that all our pupils can achieve academically, personally and socially when they experience a curriculum and learning environment with support which meets their individual needs. Pupils are encouraged and supported to strive to develop to be the best that they can be, working towards achieving nationally accredited certification and to becoming respectful, active and positive contributors to the wider community.



Our school values lie at the heart of our ethos. The whole Crosby High School community works together to support our pupils’ progress, preparing them for success in school and in their future life. Everyone in our community’s rights are respected and their ideas, opinions and qualities are valued. Crosby High School is a safe, happy and caring place in which to learn and grow, to develop in confidence and independence and in which firm foundations are built for future success.