Crosby High School


Our Curriculum Promise.

At Crosby High School we will;

  • Deliver the National Curriculum offering a broad and balanced curriculum at a level appropriate to all pupils' ability levels.
  • Provide stimulating activities and tasks
  • Set challenging yet achievable targets for individual pupils
  • Ensure pupils develop effective communication skills
  • Ensure pupils develop key skills of Literacy and Numeracy
  • Focus on all aspects of Literacy and Numeracy development at whole school level
  • Develop ICT skills in order to engage pupils in the advancing world of technology
  • Encourage the tolerance of opinions and beliefs and reflect the multicultural nature of society through our focus on social, moral, spiritual and cultural elements of the curriculum
  • Develop self confidence and skills towards independent living
  • Encourage a caring, respectful attitude towards each other within the community
  • Ensure continuity and progression
  • Help pupils develop lively enquiring minds
  • Enable access for all pupils
  • Use extra curricular activities to enhance the education offered to pupils
  • Engage professionals within the community, including sports coaches, artists, musicians to enhance our pupils' educational experiences.

Dyslexia Friendly Statement


As a Dyslexia Friendly school we aim to:

  • Create a climate of high expectation
  • Promote success and self-esteem
  • Use Dyslexia Friendly resources
  • Use inclusive teaching strategies
  • Create Dyslexia Friendly classroom environments
  • Provide pupils with appropriate support
  • Celebrate and value the talents, abilities and achievements of all our pupils