Crosby High School

Design Technology

Welcome to the Design Technology section of the Crosby High School website.

The Design Technology department aims to:

  • Help pupils to explore different contexts and generate ideas.
  • Give pupils knowledge and experience of working with a range of materials, tools and processes.
  • Support pupils to safely manufacture good quality products.
  • Encourage pupils to evaluate existing products, their own work and products designed and made by their peers.


At Key Stage 3 this subject provides opportunities for pupils, working in their tutor groups to:

  • Design, plan and manufacture their own ideas for products in a range of compliant and resistant materials.
  • Learn how to carry out processes safely and accurately to produce quality products.
  • Understand the principles of designing and manufacturing and apply this knowledge when completing their design and make tasks.
  • Use specialist vocabulary to describe the materials, tools and processes used.
  • Understand about key technological events that have helped to shape their world.