Crosby High School

Food Technology 

The Food Technology department aims to:

  • Ensure pupils will learn how to use equipment that is vital for creating meals.
  • Ensure pupils have a sound knowledge of how to prepare food products and healthy meals and develop skills for life.


During Key Stage 3 pupils have Food Technology lessons in their tutor groups. The study of Food Technology provides opportunities for pupils to:

  • Develop practical cooking skills using different techniques and equipment.
  • Learn how to carry out tasks safely and hygienically.
  • Understand the nutritional needs of different groups in society.
  • Understand healthy eating guidelines using the ‘Eatwell Guide’
  • Test food products to appreciate different flavours.
  • Use specialist vocabulary to describe ingredients and food products.



At Key Stage 4, pupils will complete units of work in their hospitality lessons which contribute to their Open Awards qualification.  The units are carefully selected to build upon the knowledge and skills the pupils have gained throughout the work carried out in their Food Technology lessons at Key Stage 3.  The work covered will be largely practical and pupils will have the opportunity to prepare and cook a range of dishes in a safe and hygienic manner whilst gaining essential skills for life.