Crosby High School


The History Department also promotes British values by teaching pupils about the development of the British Empire as a way of explaining its multi-cultural nature.

Key Stage 3

Year 7

Autumn Term - What do I know about History

  • Using maps, photos and key History terms.
  • What did the Roman invaders do for us? (Romans in Britain)


Spring Term - “1066 and all that!”

  • Why was there a problem in 1066
  • Castles attack and defence!  
  • Medieval life and times (with all the gory bits!)


Summer Term - “Church and King”

  • Magna Carta
  • Black Death
  • The Peasants are revolting!
  • Local study on Little Crosby


Year 8

Autumn Term 

  • Plains Indians
  • The Tudors-Social History
  • Portraits in History
  • The Spanish Armada


Spring Term

  • What makes a good king
  • The Civil war
  • Crime and Punishment


Summer Term

  • Local History unit –the growth of Liverpool
  • Industrial Revolution
  • The growth of the Railways


Year 9

 Autumn Term

  • World War One
  • Why did the war take place
  • Life in the trenches
  • Weapons of war
  • Using the documents - researching the soldiers of the 1st World War
  • The role of women in the war
  • Commonwealth soldiers
  • Votes for women
  • Versailles and the Peace Treaty


Spring Term

  • The Treaty of Versailles
  • Between the Wars
  • The Rise of Hitler
  • Life in Nazi Germany 


Summer Term

  • Lead up to the 2nd World War
  • The Home Front
  • Why did Britain win the Battle of Britain
  • The Blitz – local study: Bootle

How do we help your child achieve their potential

 Through our History lessons pupils have the chance to voice their opinions as they learn about the varied historical areas of study. They develop skills that are used in communication such as speaking and listening, discussions, debates and also role play. These skills are transferable to many other subjects that are studied at Crosby High School.