Crosby High School

Music Department


The Music department in Crosby High School aims to:

  •    Promote enjoyment of and enthusiasm for Music
  •    Develop pupils understanding and appreciation of a wide range of music
  •    Encourage excellence and high standards of achievement.
  •    Acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to make music.
  •    Extend pupils interest and increase their ability to make judgments about music quality.
  •    Develop an awareness of Music and its role in the Performing Arts.
  •    Develop the skills, attitudes and attributes that can support learning in other subject areas.
  •    Promote understanding of diverse cultures through music.
  •    Provide opportunities for the development of skills, competencies and personal qualities that apply to many aspects of life, including employment.

All about the Music Department

Pupils are taught Music in their tutor groups, except for a year 10/11 Options class which mixes pupils from several tutor groups..  The aim is always to provide an interesting, exciting and active approach to the subject.  Theory is covered in Years 7, 8 and 9 through practical work, including an understanding of the basics of musical notation, and a wide range of music topics covering music from different cultures, historical periods and social contexts.. Pupils work as a whole class, in groups, in pairs and as individuals. There is plenty of opportunity for practical music making, creativity and self-expression embedded in each topic.

How do we help your child achieve their potential?

Every pupil at Crosby High School receives a music education in Years 7-9.  Music allows the development of a variety of skills that are essential to life in school and in the world outside, for example teamwork, fine motor skills, self-discipline, self-motivation and confidence. Students are taught using a variety of teaching and learning styles developed to accommodate their specific needs, preferences and requirements.