Crosby High School

Physical Education

At Crosby High School we believe that physical education experienced in a safe and supportive environment is a vital and unique contributor to a pupil's physical development and well being. The emphasis is on creating a stress free and supportive learning environment, which encourages maximum participation and is sympathetic to pupil's physical, mental and emotional needs.


During Key Stage 3 pupils are taught in their tutor groups. Over the Key Stage, pupils become more expert in their skills and techniques and learn how to apply these skills in a range of different sporting activities. Pupils learn to take the initiative and make decisions for themselves about what to do to improve performance throughout physical activity. Pupils start to identify the types of activity they prefer and they may take a variety of roles, such as leader and official.

Games activities

  • invasion games - football, basketball
  • racquet sports –short tennis, polybat
  • fielding & striking games - cricket
  • athletic activities - running, throwing, jumping, gymnastics & fundamental movement skills
  • target games – boccia, new age kurling
  • adventurous activities - Rock Climbing


During Key Stage 4, pupils will tackle more complex and demanding activities, applying their knowledge of skills, techniques and effective performance. The view they have of their skillfulness and physical competence will hopefully, give them the confidence to get involved in exercise and activity out of school and in later life.

Games activities

  • invasion games - basketball
  • racquet sports – tennis, table tennis, polybat
  • fielding & striking games - cricket
  • athletic activities - running, throwing, jumping
  • combat sports - judo
  • health related fitness

External accreditation – Entry Pathways Certificate in PE, BTEC Sport & Active Leisure