Crosby High School


The RE department aims to:

  • Provide pupils with knowledge and insight into values and beliefs.
  • Enable pupils to reflect on their own experiences in a way which develops their spiritual awareness, self-knowledge and respect for others.
  • Help pupils to develop an understanding of different cultures, customs and religions.
  • Encourage British values and their tolerance of people of all beliefs and cultures (linking some of this back to the British Empire).


All about the RE department

During Key Stage 3 pupils study RE in their tutor groups following Sefton’s locally agreed syllabus. (SACRE) Pupils will cover a wide range of stimulating topics including:

  • Christianity—belief and practice, Judaism – belief and practice, Islam – belief and practice.
  • Visits to places of worship, e.g. Mosques, Churches and Synagogues.
  • Visits and sessions led by the Anne Frank Trust.
  • Pupils also play key roles in collective acts of worship at Christmas and Easter services. 
  • Our school charities include Amnesty International,, UNICEF and the local food bank; the students are actively involved in raising money for them. 
  • The department has strong links with the local community cinema and regularly collaborate around themes such as Holocaust Memorial Day.

 What happens in Year 10 and 11?

Pupils will study towards accreditation in Entry Level or GCSE. How do we help your child achieve their potential?

The themes of “Treat others how you would want to be treated” and “Love your neighbour” underpins all learning in RE. Religious teachings on the folly of acquiring money and wealth is also emphasised. This is reinforced by looking at the bad examples set by celebrities and larger institutions. The students have designed ethical sponsors for Football shirts. Every year we look at how much is spent on Christmas advertising. Every year we look at how we are exploited by the media.  As a Gold Rights Respecting UNICEF school we organise various fundraising at Christmas and Easter. The department plays a big role in reflecting the diversity in Britain. Outside speakers have included LGBT and Transgender representatives, work around the PREVENT strategy and work around Diversity.

The teaching of RE will reinforce and widen in pupils, the development of auditory, visual and communicative skills. We give the pupils time for quiet reflection and to develop their questioning skills.