Crosby High School

Science Department


During Key Stage 3 pupils are taught in their tutor groups. Throughout their time in Key Stage 3 pupils will cover a wide range of stimulating topics including:

  •  Physics: Energy, electricity and electromagnetism, motion and forces, waves and exploring our Universe.
  • Biology: Structure and function of living organisms, interactions and
    interdependencies, Reproduction and Health, Genetics and Evolution.

  • Chemistry: Particulate nature of matter, the periodic table, atoms and
    elements, chemical reactions and Earth and the atmosphere.



Pupils will study towards external accreditation in


Level 1 Award or Certificate with Open Awards.
Assessed via coursework assignments completed in class with no final external


Entry Level qualification with AQA at one of three levels.


Entry Level qualifications are assessed via coursework assignments completed in class and there are no final external examinations.

How do we help your child achieve their potential?

Science is a Core subject within the National Curriculum and at Crosby High we aim to teach Science in an engaging, innovative and exciting way using thematic approaches where possible and recognising that practical hands-on experiences and investigations should form the core of scientific discovery and learning for our pupils.